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Fertilizers and Agriculture

Fertilizers and Agriculture

Fertilizers and Agriculture business of ACC was created and designed to improve the efficiency for end users in terms of cost, quality and delivery. We work closely with all stakeholders – farmers, corporations, fertilizers plants and government bodies to identify and resolve concerns and challenges

We understand minerals, soil, cultivation, processing and international markets. Applying this knowledge to the business of fertilizers, we have identified our niche – delivering customized and unique solution for each market. From rock phosphate which is a raw material to various fertilizer plants to end application ready water-soluble fertilizers, our product portfolio is diverse and designed to meet the requirements of multiple crops.

Customizing the fertilizer compounds with the understanding of the crop and the soil will result in improved yield and a sustainable healthy soil structure. Localizing the storage and final deliveries in ideal package size of such calibrated products will increase the volumes utilized. Our team of experts create and implement such solutions.

Product Range

Sugarcane fertilizing with tractors under high fertilizer prices in Thailand